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11/15/2016: The ABCs of Dealing with Death | Lynn Shiner | TEDxHarrisburg

10:00 am to 2:00 pm: 2016 Speaker for TedX Harrisburg at the Midtown Cinema

09/18/2016: 9:15 am to early afternoon: Forum discussion at St. James Lutheran Church, Gettysburg PA

06/26/2015: Lynn Shiner gave a presentation to the Victims Resource Center Luncheon.

06/22/2015: Lynn Shiner joined WILK's Sue Henry with a preview of her presentation she will give Friday at the Victims Resource Center Luncheon.

05/20/2015: Simpson Mechanicsburg Library (Lower Level) - Book Discussion/Signing

03/29/2015: Hershey Public Library Crime Victim's Awareness Panel Discussion - Book Signing

12/21/2014: Pittsburgh Post Gazette Op/Ed by Lynn Shiner. Subject: Abused to death

: The Authors Zone (TAZ) 2014 Award have announced that Stabbed in the Heart has won 3rd place in the category of Memoirs.

: DV Awareness Month at Shippensburg University

Q & A with Lynn and Nancy

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You have given your readers a framework from which to move forward, to help others, to be better people. You have given us tools to free ourselves of our baggage, to deal with difficulties in life, and to share and be with others who are suffering. And you offer these guides in constructive and positive ways. You follow avenues and build streets to help educate and to litigate to even more actively share your learnings and spread this knowledge to create change.

It is hard for me to understand how God redeems. What does that mean when so much tragedy and violence occurs? Seeing and reading what you both have done gives me an idea of the expansiveness of redemption and a tangible sense of the meaning of eternal life – Jen and Dave and Randi, here and now, with us through you, working to make things better…God's work.

Thank you both for your hard work, your strength, courage, and endurance.

Sincerely, Sally Gibson

I have been in Victim Services for 14 years in Clearfield County. I just finished your book "Stabbed in the Heart, Three Murdered Children, Two Resilient Mothers". Thank you for sharing your very personal story and your life journey after the murder of Jen and Dave. I am truly touched by this book and the revelations you gave to us all as a hope and a promise to your beautiful children. I'm afraid I do not possess the words to tell you how much I gained both professionally and personally from reading this book. I was truly glued to each page and emotionally moved as you and Nancy bared your hearts and minds as you endured the unimaginable murders of your children. I want you to know how much I admire you and how I will learn from your incredible lessons. Thank you!

Sincerely, Margie Rosselli

It took me less than a day to read 'Stabbed in the Heart'

At times, my eyes were filled with tears and I didn't think I could finish reading. The more I read, the more I realized that the book wasn't just about the death of three children and how their mothers coped with their deaths. The book is about survival and how their mothers made it through the horrific experiences, and are trying to make life better for other victims.

The book is fantastic and a very good read.

It compelled me to reach out to a mother who had recently lost her adult child in the hopes that I could somehow comfort her. I now have a better understanding and more compassion for mothers that lose a child.

Being a victim of domestic violence myself, it gave me the inspiration to keep pressing forward.

Thank you for sharing your experiences ladies!

Sincerely, Melody Conklin

I'm a doctor who treats the invisible injury - the deep and lasting pain of sudden, pointless, terrible loss. This book helps me. It can help you. Two remarkable women have woven their singular life stories together, describing the murders of their children, their own sense of shock, betrayal and despair, and then the ways they found sustenance and support, hope and love, and, ultimately, the energy and will to reform institutions and to assist others. We owe Lynn and Nancy more than recognition and gratitude. We owe them the brief time it takes to read their accounts, to absorb their skills in coping with cruelty, and to carry on their mission of embracing and encouraging those who suffer the most severe of human wounds.

Frank M. Ochberg,
MD, a pioneer in the study of trauma, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Michigan State University

In this deeply moving book, two mothers share their personal stories of incredible grief and loss but also transcendence. They also share invaluable reflections and suggestions. This combination of testimony and reflection makes it essential reading for anyone who has lost a loved one to murder, or who is walking with someone who has, or who wants to understand the journey better - and for reporters who cover the crime beat.

Howard Zehr
, Distinguished Professor of Restorative Justice, Co-Director, Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice at the Center for Justice & Peacebuilding, Eastern Mennonite University and author of Transcending: Reflections of Crime Victims and The Little Book of Restorative Justice

Two mothers take you by the hand and walk you through their worst nightmare to illustrate the gut-wrenching effects of the murders of their children. Their stories will educate you about how, individually, they have advocated for and made changes to the systems that failed them. Stabbed in the Heart illustrates how the most harmed in our society are often the only ones who can bring about effective change.

Jennifer Storm, author of Blackout Girl, Leave the Light On and Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up.

In life, as in sports, it takes courage and resilience to carry on in the face of adversity. The two mothers in this deeply moving book demonstrate these qualities each and every day. Their lives, and this book, are inspirational and a living testament of the power of the human spirit.

Dennis ‘Denny’ Green  - One of the most successful coaches in NFL history

Stabbed in the Heart provides a graphic insight into the deepest of assaults to the human spirit. It is also an incredible story of struggle, resilience, and hope. Lynn and Nancy have written a book that provides a comprehensive perspective for both layman and therapist.

Jeff Verrecchio, Psychologist

Stabbed in the Heart is the powerful, honest story of two mothers who survived the unthinkable, learned how to live again and use their experience to help others. It gives practical advice on how to cope with the devastating consequences of homicide. I recommend this book to families of homicide victims and anyone who cares about them--read this book and you will understand.

Kathleen O'Hara MA, author of A Grief Like No Other, surviving the violent death of someone you love.